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[IP] Birth Control Pills

Hi, I am considering going on birth control pills, and I am new to the pump.
I am just wondering if anyone in the group is on the pill, and what effect
this may have on blood sugar, and basal rates. Any information will be
greatly appreciated.

Hi, Amy.
       I'm on the pill also, and have been on the pill for about 10 years.  I 
went off for a year a couple of years ago.  I found that my blood sugars were 
easier to regulate on the pill than off, because (I assume) my hormone levels 
are more regular.  In other words, they go up and down at the same time every 
month.  I did hear a story about a woman whose blood sugars rose at the same 
time every month, and it ended up coorelating with a certain week of pills.  
It might help you to keep close track of your blood sugars and which week 
your are on for the first couple of months just to be sure how the pills 
effect you.  Personally, I don't intend to ever go "off" again!
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