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Re: [IP] Euthyroid

Thank you all the others for your response. I knew of no other meaning then
what you had all told, but not really up on thyroid.
How true you statement about  numbers and how you feel. I have an Endo that
does just that, having symptoms, but will not do anything because of my
"good numbers" . Not with thyroid, but other areas. 
Am changing Endo's, one I have gone to for twenty years and started me on
the pump, seems to have changed and become lax. So will see my new Endo in
Feb. Meanwhile saw my GYN and she started me on hormones, I was having
symptoms of that.

>Yes, it means your thyroid is in the normal range.  But let me warn you of
>something.  The TSH test or "Thyroid Stimulating Hormone" test is usually
>considered normal if it falls between .5 and 5 (sometimes different labs
>have different ranges though).  Having said this, some people say they feel
>like hell at TSH levels much less than 5.  Dead on normal is about a 1.
>Some Endo's gauge you by the numbers AND how you feel.
>Other Endos are "numbers" guys.  They feel that if you fall in the .5 to 5
>range, you feel fine, no matter what you say.
>Still other Endos consider you to be Hypothyroid if your TSH is greater than
>a 2.
>This TSH range thing is a constant controversy in alt.
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