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Prior to it's conversion to human type, Velosulin was an animal
insulin. Velosulin used to be the only insulin actually approved for
use in pumps. It is an assumption on my part that the animal form was
used in pumps, perhaps others can fill in the history of this

Because of viral disease considerations Lilly and others are phasing out 
animal insulins and all insulins are going to be Human r-DNA insulin. 
Humulog must be synthetic since it has two of the amino acids Lysine and 
Proline flipped on its B peptide chain. That is  genetically programmed.
BR or Velosulin was, years ago buffered pork regular insulin. When Novo 
Nordisk A/S comes out with Humulog they will license it from Lilly it will 
not be animal. As some of you might remember the furor which resulted when 
live monkey polio vaccine was suspected of kicking off the aids epidemic, 
the pharmaceutical companies are not going to put themselves in that 
position again. Most of the newer improved insulins such as glargine and 
aspartine are made by substitutions on the beta chain at different 
places.  Lilly used to make BR but stopped because of the push to human 
insulins. I used Lente Pork and still have a vial with a big red warning on 
it: "This insulin will be discontinued." Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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