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[IP] Re: Gastroparesis

I have had gastroparesis for several year. Starts with nausea, then I have
such bloating around my diaphram I can't breath. Eventually I will start
vomiting. I can't even keep jello water down at that stage.
I was given a test to check mine. Had me eat a regular breakfast with
something in it (radioactive) and then x-rayed me every 30 min. Six hours
later it had not started digesting yet, so they sent me home.
I was on Reglan till I had an antiphylactic reaction. Then on Propulsid
which was taken off the market. I have been off all meds for two months and
are having symptoms, but no vomiting. Dr. said it that started they would
put me in the hospital and try Reglan under supervision. They don't know
what caused the reaction, on several meds at that time. Entergastrologist
mentioned a stomach tube, but I am not ready for that yet. Eat small meals
several times a day. Really plays havoc with BGs. Never could control them
without my pump.
Gail D. Type 1 - 44 yrs  pumper 19 yrs

>I have a question for those who have experienced gastroparesis. What are
>your symptoms? I have been having stomach problems - mainly nausea, stomach
>making gurgling noises, burping, slight burning in upper part of stomach (but
>doesn't feel like heartburn). It doesn't necessarily have any rhyme or
>reason, sometimes after a meal sometimes out of the blue. My doctor thinks it
>may be gastroparesis but I'm not sure. I had stomach trouble for a couple of
>months last year and was prescribed different stomach meds (tagament, reglan,
>and others) which did nothing but made me feel worse. My doctor has
>prescribed Zantac 150 mgs. 2 X a day. I am reluctant to try this since all
>the other meds made me feel even worse and I'm afraid this might too. At
>least now I can tolerate it but I don't want to make myself feel worse. Any
>suggestions or advise regarding your experience with this type of problem
>would be appreciated.
>Thank You, Linda
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>Gastroparesis usually presents with a sensation of being full and not 
>hungry it is usually accompanied by constipation or a feeling of nausea if 
>you try to eat. you may also notice frequent belching and gas, It can be 
>proven by an isotope meal. In this test you eat an egg sandwich where the 
>egg is prepared with a harmless amount of technicium 99m sulfur colloid, a 
>radioactive isotope that they watch with a gamma camera. if it stays in 
>your stomach and doesn't move along after a bout 20 minutes, you have 
>gastroparesis.  Zantac and Tagemet are acid reducers and do nothing for 
>gastroparesis. Reglan usually works but can make you depressed. The best 
>drug was Propulsid which is only available for people who are not able to 
>benefit from other drugs.  It sounds like you have gastroparesis but have 
>the motility study to be certain. Erythromycin may also work. Spot
>A Bender, M. D.
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