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[IP] Re: Amnio

I wrote:
> > In my case it would have been VERY beneficial to have an amnio - wasn't
> > invented yet. My 2nd baby's lungs were NOT developed enough but was
> > delivered 23 days early (induced).
> >
A reply:
> I didn't need an amnio for that, they gave me steroids before we delivered
> and they worked really well for Zachary.  At 7 weeks early he only spent a
> week in NICU.

In '62 thar 'tweren't no such luxuries as steriods to be given to me. We're
talking ooooolden daze. I also had flu and was hospitalized 2 months before he
was delivered. He's the one who is 10 months and 14 days younger than my
first. (He was last!)  We had everything going against us. I feel very
fortunate to have delivered to healthy children (now), though I still suffer
from it, and have 4 grandchildren. I bawled all day when grandson was born at
the overwhelming thought that I was supposed to be dead at 35 and there was a
2nd generation after me!

The comment was made at my birth that I'd never live to see the year 2000 -
and I was teased a LOT when little that some day I'd *get the disease* just to
upset me and make me mad (I was cute when I was mad). There is no other DM
(Diabetes Mellitus as opposed to Diabetes Insipidus) in the family so it was
pure, mean teasing. I think that is part of my mom's guilty feelings as well
as never taking me to the dr. for anything until 5 days before the coma though
I suffered continually with boils, sties, and carbuncles beginning at age
three. The dog, however, was taken to the vet.  (HOW did I get off the subject
line???? - sorry)
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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