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[IP] re:stress and bg's

Greetings, I normally just read along in the digest but this thread is one I
have wondered about in my own situation.  I have been T1 for 11 years
pumping for not quite 4 (MM507).  Even on the pump I have never been able to
achieve what I would consider "regular" numbers.  I can fluctuate anywhere
from the 30's to the 300's without any readily apparent cause.  I have been
able to maintain a decent average--A1c's between 6.5-7 (although they have
been slowly creeping upwards over the last couple years)  I have explored,
and looked for patterns and there just aren't any.  Just when I think I have
a pattern it changes.  It has been a while since I have done fasting basals
so I am doing them again now.
However, I am a minister and I have a LOT of people (my endo included) who
put my difficult sugars off on my profession.  I'm just not convinced that
is the answer.  Yes I have a stressful job but at the same time--the levels
of stress are actually quite even most of the time and I do a lot of
self-care to help alleviate the pressure of stress.  When things are really
crazy--I do see an elevation in my bg's--and yes that is stress.  But I just
don't think that is the answer for explaining my "brittle" numbers.
Especially since joining this meeting and reading Pumping Insulin, I am
really starting to question the idea that I am just a "brittle" diabetic.
My question is especially for people in typically high stress professions.
Can my "high stress"job be reconciled with regulated bg readings? or is
really a situation where I can have one or the other but not both?  Could
there be other things causing the fluctuations that might not be related to
my job?  Any advice?

charity forbes (dx 12-89 pumping since 3-97)

>Interesting to read about stress and high bg's. I know we've all heard that
>stress is related to control, but does anyone have any sources of serious
>research that supports this? My endo is always telling me to "reduce
>stress" as part of my control equation, but as a police officer that is
>often difficult to do.
>JD Thornton
>- - ----------------------------------------------------------
>I agree, stress is one of the most difficult problems to figure. There have
>been several controlled studies done, some recently. There are two
>scenarios, one stress causes an outpouring of catacholamines which raise
>blood pressure, release epinephrine from the adrenal and glucose from the
>liver. The other causes a glucose dump without the other effects just by
>sympathetic nerve mediated catacholamine release. This has been written up
>in Diabetes within the last year or two and also in Diabetic Medicine.  If
>this is causing major fluctuations in your BG's and lousy control even with
>a pump consider disability retirement if possible. Spot
>A Bender, M. D.
>email @ redacted
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