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Re: [IP] Granola Bars...(help?)

> << Hi there:  My son has been having Nature Valley Granola bars for the
>  last 3 days (peanut butter flavor) and the box claims they have 14.1g
>  per bar, and he eats the 2 in the package.
>  He is starting the day with a good bg, but by 2-3 hours later I have
>  checked and he is high! At breakfast he is 144,  but by at least
>  10oclock he is 360 >>
> 144 at Bfast is kinda high don't you think?  Also, if he is flying THAT
high (360!!) after, he needs MORE of a bolus than what he gave. . perhaps
his carbo ratio is off? Or, depending on his age, hormones kicking in??  I
use the ratio, 10 carbs = 1.0 unit of insulin..

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