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[IP] RE: pumping 1 year

>its almost a year since i started pumping and id never go back to mdi.my
>A1c's which had been 17 are now 6.3 i have more energy and can stay awake
>in a boring lecture with no problems now that my bgs are "euglycemic" Spot
>and Christine

Christine is doing a fine job.  6.3 is euglycemic enough for me.  However,
while reading your post it suddenly dawned on me that the older pump that
gets mentioned here every once in a while must have derived its name from
euglycemia (EUGLYcemia).  Strange how I never made the connection before and
always wondered why anyone would call their product by such a name.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998
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