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[IP] pregnancy - a mans opinion

From: Kerri <email @ redacted>  writes on
Subject: [IP] Re: decision to have children
I am not diabetic but because I've reached the magical "advanced
maternal age" of 35, I was offered an amnio for this pregnancy. I
refused it AND the AFP test (which is notorious for false
positives.) My mother had a fit and told tell me you "have" to do
the amnio once you're 35 (and apparently my older sister's dr
*made* her get one when she was over 35.) Oh, really? It was
offered to me as an OPTION which implies I have a choice. I opted
for a level II US instead (it turned out to be a level III.) I
later had a fetal (echocardiogram? It was just for the heart) US
which, combined with the first US, reduced my odds for
abnormalities *considerably.* I know amnios are indicated for
some people and they should be done for them. I just don't
believe in "one size fits all" obstetrical care and felt that,
after doing the research and weighing the risks vs benefits, the
amnio and AFP could not be justified in *my* case.

Kerry you are so right. One of the major problems in medical care is being 
sued for malpractice, if your baby had a neural tube defect and the ob 
didn't do an AFP test he could be sued. Likewise painful as it may be, 35 
is considered advanced maternal age and you could have problems with the 
pregnancy.  As a intelligent and family oriented woman the pregnancy 
outcome might not concern you but if you had a problem with delivery it 
would certainly concern the doctor caring for you and the pediatrician. no 
doctor likes to lose a baby or any patient after all we are charged with 
preserving life and maintaining it for as long as possible. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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