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Re: [IP] Ketones...

Wayne Elliott wrote:
> You don't always HAVE sx. . for example, I live in CO now and it's very,
> very dry up here in the mtns especially. For some reason, I am NEVER
> thirsty, thus, I hardly drink.. maybe a few sips here and there daily.
> Anyway, I'm spilling keytones b/c of the dehydration, however I have no
> symptoms.

So far as I've ever heard or read, dehydration alone doesn't cause
The cause of ketosis is lack of sufficient insulin (for whatever reason,
whether illness, missing a shot, hormones, etc.), and results in high
BGs in addition to ketones. The high BGs and ketones then cause

Sometimes people spill ketones with normal BGs because the body
literally has NO sugar reserves -- there is no glycogen left in the
liver or the muscles, and they haven't eaten any carbs for a long time
-- that's the principle of some of the low to no-carb diets. This is
called starvation ketosis, and again, has nothing to do with
dehydration. But it's very easy to GET dehydrated in that kind of

So if you're ill, and have normal BGs and are spilling ketones, it's
important to get some sugar into your body, and ALSO to get liquid in
there, plus enough insulin to get the sugar into your cells. 

If you have HIGH BGs and are spilling ketones, then you have enough
sugar, but not enough insulin, so you should take extra insulin and push
sugar-free liquids. 

(Never had to deal with that situation YET, and hoping to stay that
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