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Re: [IP] I'm Unhappy! :-(

I too notice that juvies get all the 'cool' stuff...

When someone from the list sent me a DEX meter their daughter got at camp,
(She likes the Precision Extra, I needed a back up...)  I was expecting the
gray and blue meter we all can buy.

I was pleasently surpriseed to see a bright blue, with lime and yellow
trimming-meter! I now have the conservative DEX and the "Hip Hop DEX"!

Some adults are still big kids who need a break from the severity and
mediocrity of diabetes. I think it'd be nice to have 'fun' stuff to choose
Good luck with disetronics, they usually cool with me.

Try or cry...
Jenny Sutherland
----I can fix anything...now; where's the duct tape???
----- Original Message -----
From: "Melissa Collins"

> Ok, I need to vent!  >:-(
> I called Disetronic about getting one of their new
> cases that was purple, my favorite color.  (Everyone
> who knows me is probably rolling their eyes, right?)

-----No, I'm not.
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