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> Paul Stone <email @ redacted>
> Hi    My name Paul Stone. I am 52 years old and I have had diabetes
> for 38 yrs. I would like very much to tryroline an insulin pump.
> However presently I am on "Pork" animal insulin, and I don't know if
> that would work well in an insulin pump. I have tried to change to
> Lilly's Humilin and Humalog insulin's, but they don't seem to set
> well with me. When Novo releases it's Novolog insulin I would like
> to try it. In the mean time I would like to find out as much
> information about using Pork insulin in an pump as I can. I would
> like to chat with someone who may be using Pork insulin in a pump or
> possibly someone who may have had good results using Novo's
> insulin's who couldn't tolerate Lilly's (human) brand insulins.

Prior to it's conversion to human type, Velosulin was an animal 
insulin. Velosulin used to be the only insulin actually approved for 
use in pumps. It is an assumption on my part that the animal form was 
used in pumps, perhaps others can fill in the history of this 
email @ redacted
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