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[IP] Re: Child or not decisions

> I am NOT diabetic.  NO diabetes in
> either mine or my husband's family but our son Joshua, was diagnosed at 5.5
> years old, 3.5 years ago.  So let me ask any of you out there who might
> be looking at these messages...What difference does it make???  It was a
> choice we made to have a child and you have to learn to live with WHATEVER
> happens!!!!

My dear Poster,
YOU are not, then, in the equation. It is the decision for those who ARE DMers
of their choice(s). We take what we get, of course. BUT, most of us wouldn't
be here if, as Joycelyn Elders (ex Surgeon General) said, "Every chil' should
grow up to be a healthy, wanted chil'."  For those who DO have DM, there are
great considerations of inflicting what THEY already live and it's THEIR
values/concerns THEY have to weigh. YOUR MMV, but so does the DMers'. You are
(supposedly) a healthy set of parents who have a DMer child. Complications are
a lot of the luck of the gene pool and can't really be predicted. Some don't
WANT their potential children to have to endure what they are/will.

Jan, the only T-1 DMer in the family who was unwanted and mother of 2 healthy
38 & 39 year olds (both *accidents*).
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