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Read your post in pumpers from this morning...

Since some of the guys don't like hearing about preg, and "girl stuff," I
just copied your email and answering here.

Listen, when I was preg, there was a great place to talk, whether you
m/carried, preg, nursing, have kids, ttc (trying to conceive) etc... it was
called  Storksite and the woman that started it sold it off to another site
called Women.com.

You can go there and it's really terrific, esp to be able to talk and be
with others having the same prob's, concerns. . there is also a really neat
place where you can put in your LMP date and not only will it show the
delivery date, but, you can ALSO see what your baby looks like at each
particular wk of preg and it also talks about what's going on inside, ex:
this wk your baby's nerves are developing or he is growing toenails, etc....

Good Luck to you and your son. . Preg W/Diabetes makes you worry more, love
more but I personally was a total neurotic mess for the entire time.

Take Care

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