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[IP] Granola Bars...(help?)

Shelly, have you tried weighing the bars and comparing the 
actual weight to how much the package says each bar weighs?
I've found that serving sizes given on packages often don't
match what's actually there. I remember having trouble with
English muffins. A serving size was something like "1 muffin
(42 grams)."  My blood sugar was always high after eating 
them, so I finally weighed them and found out that they were 
consistenly something like 55 grams each. Thus I needed to 
calculate the carbs as 1/3 more than the amount listed for a 
serving. (I forget what the actual numbers were, but you get 
the idea.) Now I weigh a lot of packaged foods, just to make 
sure the package info is accurate, especially if I'm trying some-
thing for the first time.

It could also just be a mistake in the nutrition info. That 
happens too. Sometimes I find real howlers, like a serving
that has more grams of carb than the total weight of the 
serving. Usually this means that they put the decimal in
the wrong place.

/Janet Lafler

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