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Re: [IP] Decision to have children - Not "done to death, yet"

> Hey people, I'm starting to think that this subject has been beaten up
> enough.  The decision to have or not to have children is purely a personal
> one, sort of like which pump to use...
...So let me ask any of you out there who might still
> be looking at these messages...What difference does it make???

Sylvia, & anyone else who is saying to themselves "okay, enough already",

Some months back a debate started up on here about when a thread should be
"laid to rest" - it can be found in the archives under the title "Die,
thread, die!"  One of the points brought up was the fact that as long as
someone had any thoughts, experience, etc. to add to the topic, & someone
else out there might potentially benefit from it, the thread still had a
very valid place on the list.  If you tire of a subject (or indeed just see
it as having no interest/practical application for you personally), please
just delete the postings with that subject & keep going - please don't
potentially discourage others from adding their ideas or opinions,
especially since some of the newer members might take that as an indicator
that they should NOT continue the thread.

I'm asking this not in any official capacity (no "admin." title here!), but
as someone who is closely following the "Decision" thread & keeping every
last post to read & reread as I work through this decision myself.  Planning
a future pregnancy is a hot topic in our household right now (due to both
diabetes & my advanced age of 36), & I am enormously grateful to all who
have thus far offered their "$.02 worth" about their experiences.

No offense intended...just hoping to keep long-running threads from
suffering an untimely death.

Ice-bound & home from school,
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