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[IP] Children

I've been looking at all the letters on having children or not having
children.  As a mom (without D) of  9 children, 2 with D, one bio and one
adopted I just have to jump in here.  Whenever anyone has a child we get
absolutely no guarantees of health or of life span.  There are many
different disorders and diseases out there that can effect anyone of us.  No
one in our immediate families has D and yet our youngest bio child developed
it when she was 9. Whether or not to have children is definitely a personal
choice.  But I have to tell you I would do it all again even knowing what I
do now. I can't imagine life without these two beautiful girls.  I know it's
not easy for them (many things in life are not easy and really stink!) and I
pray daily for a cure.  D isn't easy and I've cried myself to sleep many a
night worrying about our daughters ( both are pumping).  Our adopted
daughter was orphaned at age 5 when her mom died of diabetic complications
but that doesn't stop her for a minute.  She tells me she doesn't want to
have a big family like I did, she only wants 5 children! LOL  I hope that
she will be able to have her dream.
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