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[IP] Sherry's Scary Day

Yesterday started out pretty normal.  I was on my way to a Christmas reception in
another building and decided to stop by the rest room first.  That's where I
noticed that I was bleeding.  I'm not talking spotting either.  I'm talking "heavy
day" bleeding.  I called my obstetrician immediately and he fit me in for an
appointment as soon as I got there. He let me hear the baby's heartbeat and I
relaxed some.  He thought I might have placenta previa (when the placenta is over
the opening of the uterus to the cervix?) but the ultrasound did not show that. I
saw the baby though.  HE looks much different than he did two months ago. He waved
his little hand and tried to knee me.  I didn't feel the knee but I saw it. And he
is definitely a boy. The final ruling is a "low lying" placenta.  I'm going back
for my regular appointment tomorrow and he will examine me again then. I've had a
little more spotting since the heavy bleeding yesterday morning. I'm still very
worried, but I'm also glad I got to see baby Sean. There's something so magical
about an ultrasound.  I could see his little spine, his little fingers, his little
nose. He was already real, but now he's... realer, I guess.
So I'm trying to stay calm.  I had a scary dream about slipping on ice and falling
last night. Maybe we will find out more tomorrow.
I don't think my bleeding is D related, but I've also come to see this group as
kind of a pregnancy support group too, so I hope noone minds.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Staying calm until tomorrow
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