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[IP] CPI pumps

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000 "J Hughey" <email @ redacted> along with a few others 

>I'm not Gail (but I know her and her service dog, Glory). I had 2 CPI pumps
>also. Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. They made pumps back when the Eugly (ugly, 
>was the main competitor.

OK a short history lesson.

The first pump I know of was the backpack pump.  This was a very experimental 
device that did the job of the pump in the LARGEST way possible.

The second attempt at pumping was a machine made by autosyringe which had 
everything exposed (it was NOT an insulin pump but a pump for other meds that 
needed constant infusion).

Then AutoSyringe came out with their AS*6c and along with it a company named 
Mill Hill also had an early pump (I don't really know how long they lasted but 
I remember their pumps were horrid).  The AS*6c and Mill Hill were in use 
around '80 through '83 (I got mine in June of '82 but had been offered a year 

Of course there WAS a pump made by some company in Germany that started with a 
'D'  that was water resistant (it had a fitting over the top so that you could 
shower with it)(they are the same company that acutally makes the current 
D-tron pump).  This pump gave boluses ONLY over time (which is what caused me 
to do some experimenting and start using square wave boluses before the US 
pump companies ever heard of them) (and caused AutoSyringe to add the feature 
to the Eugly).

My Eugly was about my fourth or fifth pump (I upgraded with almost each new 
machine.  I love toys).
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