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[IP] Re: MM door & why I chose MM

> I choose MiniMed the only thing I don't like about > the 508 so for is the
reservoir door I had a
> problem with one that came open but,
> I really think all three pumps are good you just
> have to pick one that fits your personal need and likes.

Does this mean ALL MiniMed doors come open, or this one happened to and they
DID replace it? Why hold that against the company? Of the over 100,000 pumps
out there one door coming open (or 2) doesn't make them ALL bad. Surely
someone here has bought a brand-new car and had a thing or two needing
repairs/adjustments. My s-i-l once was upset because of a product failure that
was *GUARANTEED*! That means IF there is a problem, they will take care of it.
This problem was taken care of so why can't we drop the grudge? I have always
(8 yrs) had good service from MiniMed. Even now I'm waiting on a replacement
pump because I called to ask a question about a feature I wasn't trained on
and mention about having to press a button on the right side of it instead of
in its center. It was just a call and they are replacing the whole pump!
That's good service and I'll TRY not to mention that problem again since
humans make all the products and none are GUARANTEED to NOT fail - just to be
replaced IF they do fail. (~_^)

As far as why I chose MiniMed - when CPI went out of business, the MM rep
called to tell me about his *new* 506. I asked if there was a clock in it -
didn't want one if it did. He knew that - because the pumps until that time
delivered boluses when the clock said it was mealtime. *I* wanted control -
not a clock controlling me. He explained this clock did not do that. I have
been very happy with the looks, features, service, and any ETC. I may have
left out. YMMV

When I meet medical people (nurses, techs, pharmacists, etc.) I ask if they
have ever seen a pump? If yes, I ask if they have seen this one since it may
have been 10-20 years ago and still stuck in the
crank-the-handle-to-start-the-car days. They are usually surprised at the
updated one. 8^)

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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