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Re: [IP] Re: amnio

In a message dated 12/14/2000 7:48:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> > > In my case they did an amnio to see if my babies lungs were developed.
> >
> > If they weren't developed, then what? Would they have
> > recommended terminating the pregnancy?
>     I have had two premies and the amnio has saved both.  My son who just 
> turned two the 3rd of Dec. was 7 weeks early and they gave me a steroid 
> dhot and he only spent 3 days on oxygen he came home on an apnea monitar 
> but that was only becauswe it is protocall (i was told) because of being so 
> early.  
>     My daughter (who just turned 8 months) was born 3 weeks early and they 
> did an amnio and then waited a week then they gave me two shots of steroids 
> one each day prior to her c-section birth.  She was on oxygen for only 2 
> days.

       I must tell you the amnio save both my kids my son because if they 
> fluid they would not have know that there was way too much 
> "good" fluid in the sac,  It was putting to much pressure on his little 
> chest.
>        With my daughter it was because of my toximia that they had to "get 
> her born" before i blew up as the doctor said!
> Amie 
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