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[IP] Jan's Dana

Jan H. wrote:

<<And, about Dana - if I haven't already mentioned: I went with her to get
pump started. Her CDE said it was ridiculous that *I* have 3 basal rates -
need ONLY one!  She also said for her to change her basal to 0.3 from 0.6
half hour when 30 BG or lower (as though our thought processes work then!)
said Dana would still have *background insulin* running every 3 minutes (MM
508). I said (can you imagine ME keeping my trap shut??) that the MM would
deliver 0.1 every 20 min. at that rate - the D delivers 3 min. She
vociferously disagreed with me. I told her each click is 0.1u - so she said
she'd have to call Sandy to check that out AND let it run on her desk and
it.  I felt I was as needed as a sore thumb.  She is also going to hook Dana
up to a CGMS to prove to her the ONE basal rate is correct the way SHE set
Dana IS having a lot of problems. I wish she could get on the 'net and join
here.  BTW, as if you couldn't tell - the CDE is NOT a pumper. (~_^)>>

Jan, I cannot picture you having any restraint in this situation... there's
not another CDE Dana can go to?  How about a gift of Pumping Insulin 3rd
Edition for this CDE?  Sheesh... Perhaps the CGMS will prove that she needs
more than one basal, but then, perhaps she'll just say that Dana is doing it
all wrong and it's not the one basal causing the problems.  Again, Sheesh...

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