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RE: [IP] Decision to have children

On 13 Dec 2000, at 17:23, Nancy and Howie wrote:
> In my case they did an amnio to see if my babies lungs were developed.

To clarify things a bit here:

In the old days... they usually preferred to deliver a diabetic's baby early
to try to avoid complications further along in the pregnancy.  They did an
amnio near the end of the pregnancy, usually around 4-6 weeks before the
delivery date, to see if the lungs were developed and if it was safe to
deliver the baby at that early date.  If the lungs were not developed enough
yet, they then made the decision, depending on how well the pregnancy was
going, to let the baby stay for awhile yet, or go ahead and deliver.

My sister, who is also D, was pregnant the same time I was.  The doctors
made the choice to deliver her baby at 6 weeks before his lungs were fully
developed since they were afraid of complications.  He spent a month in the
hospital in the premie nursery because of this.  After this situation, I
refused to let them deliver my baby so early, I went to the hospital 3 weeks
before my delivery date to have the amnio done, the doctor checked, said I
was 2 cm dilated... I didn't have the amnio after all and delivered my
daughter C-Section the next morning.

This is how it was done 22 years ago.  My daughter is 22 now, and no signs
of diabetes.  My sister's son is also 22 and he also has no signs of

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