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Re: [IP] Decision to have children

I feel a strong need to express my opinion and please please remember this 
is strictly my opinion and I am not passing judgement or saying what is 
right for anyone.
>chelsey 7yo dxed 9/99 and nathan 4yo 2/97

This one brought tears to my eyes and as I write this I am still crying.  I 
am thrilled that all of you who have chosen to have kids that end up 
developing diabetes are dealing with it.  I really do mean that.  I guess 
my heart goes out to the child for I can better relate to them in a sense 
since I was diagnosed young too.

I was diagnosed at the age of 2, well I got out of the hospital on the my 
3rd birthday 1963.  When I first realized where babies came from I vowed 
that I would never have a child from this body.  I never ever wanted to 
pass this disease on to another human being.  I am also VERY grateful that 
I never allowed myself to get in a position of becoming pregnant so that I 
would have to decide to terminate the pregnancy.

I realize things have greatly improved for the care of diabetes, but bottom 
line this disease is life threatening and can be very difficult to live 
with let alone when a person begins to have complications.  I also belive 
that an individual who is diagnosed at a very young age vs someone who is 
diagnosed at a later age, makes it much more difficult and have been told 
this by medical professionals as well as psychiatrist.  I am not trying to 
imply I am worse off than anyone else, I just believe it's different the 
way you cope and what your childhood is like depending on when diagnosed.

I do realize that for some having children is very important and there are 
no guarantees that a child of a person with diabetes will get diabetes, but 
for me I never wanted to take that chance.  I am grateful that I didn't 
have to spend 20 grand in therapy to get through not "being able" to have 
children.  I will never understand the strong need to have them and that is 
ok, well I think so.  :-)

I probably would have adopted if I had settle down at a younger age, but 
who knows, and now with my health and complications, I just couldn't be a 
mom to a human child and do a good job, so I choose to take in every stray 
cat and be a mom to them  :-)

Fran, who is up to 9 and counting.

ps.  Please remember to respect for my opinion as I am respecting all of yours.
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