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Re: [IP] GAD65 antibody test

On 13 Dec 2000, at 16:40, email @ redacted wrote:

> foreign and loses interest in further destruction. "  I was diagnosed nearly 
> 46 years ago, so if the process was going to die down, I would think it would 
> have by now [unless there were a new thyrogastric thing going on?)  So I 
> guess my immediate question is, do the newly diagnosed have much higher 
> readings?

My endo told me that it can take about 10 years (I THINK she said 
10) for the process to stop.  And they aren't sure yet whether it's 
because the islets are gone or if it's a self-limiting kind of thing.  
They're doing clinical tests now on children who have the 
antibodies but no blood sugar problems yet.  What they're doingi s 
starting them on insulin therapy NOW and seeing if that protects 
the islets (by keeping them quiet) until the process stops.  Then, if 
the process starts up again once they stop the insulin, they'll know 
it's because islets are still there.

My GAD values were astronomical.  I don't remember where I put 
those papers, so I daren't quote numbers.  I'll be sure to remember 
them wrong. :-)
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