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[IP] GAD65 antibody test

OK, I am not having any luck finding this on the web, so thought I would ask 
here <gr.>.  I recently had a GAD65 AB test as part of a protocol workup, and 
got a positive result (0.15 nmol/L, normal range being 0.00-0.02).  What kind 
of results do recently diagnosed Type 1s get?  Has anybody had the test?

My curiosity is mostly related to recent islet cell regeneration work I've 
read about.  Dr. Vinik in a recent interview on Diabetes Station said "after 
you have had diabetes for many years the autoimmune process tends to die 
down. It seems that the body has to see foreign material to keep the 
autoimmune flames alive. When there is sufficient destruction of islets that 
have been damaged by the process then the body no longer recognizes these as 
foreign and loses interest in further destruction. "  I was diagnosed nearly 
46 years ago, so if the process was going to die down, I would think it would 
have by now [unless there were a new thyrogastric thing going on?)  So I 
guess my immediate question is, do the newly diagnosed have much higher 

Linda Z 
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