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[IP] Carpel Tunnel

SNIP>>>> Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:18:51 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] carpal tunnel syndrome

I am wondering if anyone out there has had carpal tunnel, and has 
subsequently needed surgery<<<<SNIP

About five years ago I had carpel tunnel surgery, by my orthopedic surgeon,
on my left hand.  I work at a computer many hours each day.  Pains were
running up my left arm.  Only rarely my right.  First thing the doc did was
turn my hand over and thump his first two fingers down on about 3/4 inch
below my palm...I nearly went through the roof....he did it to my right
wrist and there was very little reaction.  He said, "yep, it's carpel
tunnel".  No one ever mentioned diabetes being connected.  It was considered
a worker's compensation issue, repetitive motion caused.   Did xrays and all
that stuff to confirm.  

I had day surgery, with pump attached, BGs about 165 when I went out, and
130 when I woke up a couple of hours later.  No problem with blood sugars
even though I took a couple of the bottle of pain pills prescribed.   I have
never had any problem with my left hand since.  And no scar (except to me
who has to really look to find it).  Sometimes my right arm/wrist hurts, but
not enough to cause the kind of pain the left one did.  Using the mouse all
day makes my arm ache sometimes.  

Now, one major thing, the doc wrote a letter saying I had to have an
ergonomic computer table and chair.  There is a specific position  you need
to use to type at a computer.  The company bought an adjustable computer
table ($approx 125) since I am short and the standardized computer table was
about 3 inches too high for me.  Those inches can make a difference.   My
chair was already adjustable.  I was also allowed to get the little foam
thing your keyboard and mouse sit on so your wrists can rest on it to keep
them at a more level height.  

I had to do the same thing on my own at home.  Soon, lots of folks at my
company were getting  more ergonomically correct.   

The surgery was no biggie except for 3-4 days of not being able to fix my
hair and pulling up my pants and other similar things.  Had no idea how much
we take for granted our two paws! 

In my case it was a breeze and well worth it (although I never paid out a
cent - lucky me - I would not have put it on WC but the HR manager made me).
Check out the web, see the ergonomically correct positions, get the surgery
if you are in pain.  Good luck!
Bonnie R. 
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