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[IP] School testing

Moira writes Via Sammi:
 > I have a question for you all -- my daughter Lauren is 9 and has had D for
 > almost four years. She begins pumping Jan 22, 2001 (!!!) She is VERY smart
 > (I know, all moms say that but she is) but bombs on big tests often. Says
 > she feels yucky and is often high. Could "test stress" make her bg's peak
 > and then that bad feeling make her do poorly? I have not even suggested
 > to her or the teacher . . . . but I've thought about it. Anyone have any
 > experience like that?

Yes, I have had that happen to me during the GRE's stop and test and bolus 
to get it down or be so tired you can zone out. I was giving a test in a 
warm room after lunch and actually fell asleep while I was proctoring the 
exam. The students woke me up and were laughing. Lauren should test and 
bolus if necessary. The school should give her the time to do this. It 
should not count as time for taking the test. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
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