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[IP] tape similar to silhouette

Hi all,

I normally just read the digests, but I found something great (well, I think 
so!) and thought I'd share.  I just started pumping Oct. 31st using the MM 
508 with the Silhouette infusion sets.  Anyway, I've been having trouble with 
keeping sets on for more than 2 days.  They get sore (not red), plus the 
edges start to roll up, despite proper prepping. All the different tapes just 
leave huge red patches on my stomach (the Silhouette itself causes no 
problems), so I was getting resigned to changing sets every 2 days.  
Well....I found this tape at Kmart that is the EXACT same stuff as the 
silhouette...it's called Nexcare (by 3M) cloth tape (1-inch wide, 6 yard long 
roll) and it is wonderful!!! No more red patches from tape and it holds my 
set securely for that last day.  Anyway, I don't know if this would help 
anyone else, but I thought I'd share my new discovery!

By the way, I LOVE my pump (and my wonderful blood sugars)!

Michelle H.
T1, 1/91
MM 508, 10/31/00
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