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Re: [IP] Re: Shareholders

The stock price is the same regardless of what broker you use to buy it.  
However, broker commission rates do vary, so I would recommend a discount 
broker such as Fidelity.  I have a Fidelity account and I buy MM stock online 
when I feel like it.  It costs me $25 every time I buy it, regardless of how 
much I buy.  Yes, MM is expensive, but it is going UP in a depressed market 
where most stocks are going down.  Think about it, what else do diabetics 
have other than a pump?  It is the state of the art management tool that is 
rapidly growing in acceptance by medical professionals and patients alike, 
and MM is easily the market leader.  They also have considerable intellectual 
property in other diabetes management areas.  As soon as things stop looking 
rosy for MM, I'll probably sell.  However, MM is probably a buy and hold 
investment for years to come.  I am in no way affiliated with MM!!
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