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Re: [IP] School testing

> I have a question for you all -- my daughter Lauren is 9 and has had
> D for almost four years. She begins pumping Jan 22, 2001 (!!!) She
> is VERY smart (I know, all moms say that but she is) but bombs on
> big tests often. Says she feels yucky and is often high. Could "test
> stress" make her bg's peak and then that bad feeling make her do
> poorly? I have not even suggested that to her or the teacher . . . .
> but I've thought about it. Anyone have any experience like that?

You hit the nail on the head. Stress will raise bg's and with high 
bg's intellectual performance is not very good.

> I'm also thinking being on the pump is going to make her a better
> student -- she has GOT to feel better with more #'s in range, right?

That is consistent with what other parents have reported for their 
kids and certainly is what happened with my daughter.

To go along with all this, make sure she has a 504 plan at her school 
to accomodate these kinds of problems. She should not have to take 
exams when her bg's are out of whack -- normally either the test is 
changed to another time, or substantial extra time is allowed.
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