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Re: [IP] Decision to have children

I was lucky. I was never told I could not have children, even though my
parents were diabetic. I was on oral agents to control my Type Weird when I
decided to go off Depo-Provera and try to have a child and I simply told my
endo and he immediately put me on MDI and taught me to count carbs with the
nutritionist. A month later, I was pumping becuase shots hurt me too much,
depression, and I was all bruised up from MDI. My husband and I deliberated
carefully on whether or not we should have kids and it was never an issue of
contention as long as I had tight control and an A1C under 6. The only
problem was my new endo didn't like my last A1C and said a 4.4 was too low
and I needed to lose 10 lbs of weight. What we didn't know was that I was
already pregnant. Diabetes can have children as long as theu have their
diabetes under great control according to all the Dr's I've ever seen.

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