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Re: [IP] Decision to have children

For SURE get to a high risk/PERINATALOGIST for a diabetic preg!!

Due to the "gatekeeper" runned HMO, when I was first dx preg, I had to see
the vicious PCP who told me maybe "you shouldn't have a baby." Then,
confirmed, to a reg. OB/GYN, who told me I WAS preg (!) then he referred me
back to my buddy, Dr. LaGrew, perinatalogist.  I saw him for my first two
ill fated preg then for my preg w/my son.  They are great, VERY educated in
many, many diseases.  I always say this b/c it's true and shocking to even
me, but, I didn't have ONE complication in my preg!  41 long, LONG wks
(long for a diabetic) and only very intense morning sickness but he grew
fine, born healthy when they "pulled" him out (c sect)   

AND, 38 AINT OLD!! My first was born when I was 37. . can't talk DH into a
second and I am now 39 1/2. . BTW, good luck with the CA.. Hoping
everything works out well and you are free from all effects and problems

Amber E.

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