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[IP] Love the Sils too!!

Hi friends:  We have been advocates for the Sils since we tried them a
few months ago.  What a HUGE difference for our 4 year old.  I am still
angry when I see the horrible mess the Micros left in his 4 year old
tummy, the last lump finally disappeared recently as well.  We have
talked to our D team about starting all families of little folks on the
Sils instead of making the mistakes with the micros we had (bent
cannulas/distressed cannulas/blow-outs/tape rash/site
infections/lumps/pain from bumping the site/set change stress/ etc,

As far as switching packs of sets with MM, we had just ordered a brand
new box of micors before the switch, so I called MM and they sent me
about SILS to have on hand and then our rep changed my box for a box of
Sils, and due to the $50 price difference between the 2 sets, she
arranged to get us the neoprene sports pack in exchange!  Worked great.
They are very accomodating there for sure.

Take care all!!
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