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Re: [IP] Fasting Basals

I find success by say skipping breakfast on a monday, and testing every hour
'til lunchtime. Tehn I'll have lunch.  On another day, I'll eat breakfast
and then skip lunch, test every hour until dinner.  Another day at dinner,
I'll skip dinner and check every hour 'til bed and get up through the night
to check.

I find out what I need to know.

I take coffee black with no sweetener and it doesn't affect me.

I don't know what your normal "hours" are, so the above is simply what I do.
If I have a low, I know the basal for the previous hour or two may have been
a bit high for me. If I go a bit higher than acceptable, barring any big
stressors, I know the basal's not enough.

Try or cry...
Jenny Sutherland
----I can fix anything...now; where's the duct tape???
----- Original Message -----

> Could somebody give me the schedule for testing the Basal rates.  My CDE,
> wonderful as she is, doesn't seem to find it necessary to test my basal
> by fasting.  She says just check before I eat, bolus, and we'll adjust it
> from there.  It doesn't make any sense to me.  I thought I saw some kind
> time schedule here for testing the basal rates.

> Any help would be appreciated.

> Also, has anyone else found that coffee can make your BS go high?  I seem
> be having this problem.
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