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[IP] Glad I decided to have 4 kids!!!

 I know I am coming in on this thread a little late
but just wanted to say that I am so glad that I
decided to have children. I have 4 wonderful healthy
children. :o) I found out I had diabetes at age 19,
had my first at 23 and my last at age 38. I have one
Aunt on my father's side with type 1, and my grandma
and my Dad both developed type 2 later in life.
 I was determined not to let diabetes prevent me from
having children ( I also had 7 miscarriages). They
have been such a joy in my life that I have not
regretted it even for one second, yes, even on into
the teenage years! The chance of one of my children
getting genes from both myself and their father that
join to make the recipe right for type 1 diabetes has
been told to me to be a fraction of 1 %. With odds
like this, it is not enough to cause concern. 
 I know that my children will have physical and
spiritual challenges and experiences throughout their
life that combine to make them who they are. I would
not wish any of them to get diabetes but I know that
if they do, we will all deal with it the best we can.
 I know that diabetes has impacted my life in a lot of
positive ways. I use to be shy and withdrawn. Now I am
confident. I treat things in life with more
appreciation. It has been by no means easy but I am a
much stronger person for it. I have had and continue
to have many opportunities to meet and help some
wonderful people.
Just my .02 worth!!
Carolyn Green......Happily Pumping for 1 year :o)

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