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Re: [IP] School testing


Chris has had problems prior to testing, too, except ,in his case, he goes 
LOW instead of high! (one of those YMMV things, I guess). He now checks 
whenever he feels "off" because he keeps his supplies with him. His bg's 
corrects more quickly with his pump, too, so he doesn't feel "YUCKY" quite so 
much and he enjoys school much more now that he feels better.

Yes, the pump has made his academic life MUCH better:-)

Try having Lauren check prior to testing, just to see where she's at. She may 
need to re-take a test when she does poorly. Chris does this sometimes, too.

Take care,

mom to
Liz 16, Jay 14, Angela 11, dx'd @ 9, and Chris 10, dx'd @ 4 pumping 2 years

In a message dated 12/13/2000 5:42:55 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have a question for you all -- my daughter Lauren is 9 and has had D for
 almost four years. She begins pumping Jan 22, 2001 (!!!) She is VERY smart
 (I know, all moms say that but she is) but bombs on big tests often. Says
 she feels yucky and is often high. Could "test stress" make her bg's peak
 and then that bad feeling make her do poorly? I have not even suggested that
 to her or the teacher . . . . but I've thought about it. Anyone have any
 experience like that?
 I'm also thinking being on the pump is going to make her a better student --
 she has GOT to feel better with more #'s in range, right?
 Moira >>
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