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[IP] stress and BG's

Yes, oh my, yes!  Stress of any sort can play around with my bg level!
And I see a pattern of what determines which way it will go (I've had
IDDM for 38 years, so I have some data to work with!)

The stress produces adrenaline which raises the bg level.  If I do
nothing to burn that off, the level stays up; if I exercise, I can
actually drop it too low.  (e.g., if I go for a fast walk after a
quarrel with dear husband, it's okay; if I sit and brood, whoa! can they
be high!)

Exams in college were great for raising  blood sugars---sitting there
all stressed out for two hours.  Waiting in hospital OR waiting rooms
...waiting up for a teen out on an icy road late at night...you get the

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