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[IP] First use of Sils

Howdy everyone!!!!
	I just HAD to post this because this morning was the FIRST time I have
EVER used a SIL!!!!
	I couldn't believe how PAINLESS and EASY it was to insert this little
torture tool.
I am REALLY JAZZED ABOUT IT!!!!  I think I will be using the sils from now
on because:
	1) You don't need the IV3K tape
	2) You don't need to put the IV3K tape with the hole in it (for the Softsets)
	3) It disconnects right at the site so there is no dangling tube left.
	4) There is no quick connect fitting that scratches my skin, or gets
squished under my belt and
		scratches my stomach.
	5) The process goes alot quicker than the softsets.

	I really didn't mind the softsets as they are very comfortable as well,
but the thing that bugged me the most was the disconnect!  The molded
plastic has some sharp edges on it and they are uncomfortable when they get
pushed into your skin, or are under your belt.  You also don't have as many
prep-steps to go through.
	I must admit that I stared at the Sil, my skin that I was holding pinched
up and had to muster alot of "courage" (guts) to stab myself with this
thing, but when I finally did, there was only a VERY brief moment of a
"pinching" feeling as the introducer needle started in.  I had to laugh
afterwards at how long it took me to "take the plunge" and stab myself, as
needle phobic as I am (When I was in the hospital, the night nurse had to
change my IV.  He did an excellent job, but about 10 seconds after he was
done, I said "wow you did an excellent job!" , and then my heart stopped
for about 2 seconds (as shown on the strip chart that the nurses station
had hooked up to me.)  So I am definetly (sp) phobic!
	I didn't have that problem with the Sil, luckly, and all is going well
	I just HAD to "celebrate" my courage and interest in the Sil, and let
y'all know too!
		Bill McKibben and Wilma Blue  (MM508 Blue)
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