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Re: [IP] Decision to have children

On 12 Dec 2000, at 21:26, DALE  DUNCAN wrote:

> My Mom and Dad had me later in their life, I have 2 older sisters.  I could
> tell that my Mom felt guilty when I was dx'd with diabetes.  Funny thing is,
> we now know it was on my Dad's side of the family.  I am the only Type I
> though.  My Dad and one sister have both been dx'd in the last year as type 2.
> I've been told by many people NOT to have kids, including my OB-GYN.  My whole
> purpose (at first) in looking into the pump is so that I CAN have a child.
> But now see that I can also have a normal life!

Can you switch to an Ob/gyn who specializes in high-risk 
pregnancies?  Both my endo and my high-risk ob/gyn says I can 
have a baby even at my "advanced" age of 38.  

Well.... by the time we get this danged cervical dysplasia 
(carcinoma in situ with mild glandular involvement) cleared up, I'll 
be 39.  While we're waiting for my next clear pap smear, they have 
me taking pre-natal vitamins (emphasis on folic acid, of course) 
and gradually working my bgs down into the pregnancy zone (60-
120 mg/dl 24 hours a day)
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