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[IP] carpal tunnel syndrome

ON: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 wrote:

>I am wondering if anyone out there has had carpal tunnel, and has
>subsequently needed surgery.  I began having symptoms a couple of months ago
>out of nowhere, and tests recently conducted show that it is in the
>moderately severe range.  After 19 years of diabetes and thinking I was
>somewhat invincible, apparently I am not (not that I thought I would be my
>entire life).  It is apparent to me that the carpal tunnel is related to

I had symptoms of carpul tunnel beginning about 20 years after diagnosis as a 
diabetic (age 22).  Within a few years the pain was so aweful that I was 
forced (against my internests wishes) to seek a carpul tunnel operation.  (I 
was the pump poster user for him and he didn't want an operation to ruin his 
perfect numbers).

I had the operation as a same day procedure and went home a few hours later.  
I was awake for the entire operation (but my tummy told me not to watch).  The 
only problem I had was one of the pain-killers they gave drove me blood sugar 
through the floor.  The anestigiologist said that I was whiter than the sheet 
on the bed!

The surgeon told me in no uncertain terms that carpul tunnel and diabetes were 
related and that diabetes didn't cause it but it made it happen faster (i.e. 
if a person would have developed carpul tunnel at age 60, as a diabetic he 
could get it 20 to 40 years earlier and much more intensely).  He also told me 
(17 years ago) that I would have to repeat the operation every five to ten 
years.  While I have had some pain in the fingers on and off for last five 
years it is only recently that I've even considered checking out my hands 
again (and I'm still not sure I'd do the operation if offered).

When I had the operation done (17 years ago) the pump was rather new and I was 
the first operation the doctor had done on a pumper (I was the first pumper he 
had seen).

If I can be of any help with this please contact me.

Yerachmiel Altman
email @ redacted
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