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Re: [IP] School testing

> I have a question for you all -- my daughter Lauren is 9 and has had D for
> almost four years. She begins pumping Jan 22, 2001 (!!!) She is VERY smart
> (I know, all moms say that but she is) but bombs on big tests often. Says
> she feels yucky and is often high. Could "test stress" make her bg's peak
> and then that bad feeling make her do poorly? I have not even suggested
> to her or the teacher . . . . but I've thought about it. Anyone have any
> experience like that?


Yes, yes, YES!!!  Any kind of stress can affect BG's in a big way (although
some go high while others go low...we are quite a mystery in many areas!), &
highs seem to put some parts of the brain into "slow & sluggish" mode - not
at all ideal for test-taking situations.  Does she have a 504 plan?  Some
parents on here (Michael? Curtis?) are much better equipped to advise you on
that process if you choose to pursue it - I'm a diabetic teacher, not a
parent or student - but I do believe that part of a 504 can include checking
sugar levels prior to taking a test & working out an accommodation
(correcting & taking it when BG is in normal range?) when it is out of
target range.

Your thoughts on this are likely VERY on target.  Pumping should help a lot
in terms of leveling out her numbers - but it still could be very much to
her benefit to have a plan in place that would allow her a fair shake at
test-taking when she is out of range.

Good Luck to both of you!
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