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[IP] Re: carpal tunnel syndrome

I had it before it became popular ('76) and at that time they (Univ of
Minn Hospital) told me that it was not related to either dm or my job.
While going to school I worked swing/grave shift using my wrists quite
heavily (sledge hammer and jack hammer).  They were wrong about both of
the relationships and it is one of the things that we will be much more
inclined towards, especially if we are involved in any kind of
repetitive wrist strain.  Being diabetic doesn't mean we will get it,
but it is more likely.

I had the surgery and the only thing I would have done different would
be to have it quicker.  I had to wake up 45 minutes early so that it
would ease up enough so that I could tie my shoes and eat breakfast.
The surgeon told me that my cartilage was the thickest that he had ever
seen in his career (I was 28).  CT is one of the few afflictions that we
can get that can be fixed permanently.  YMMV but my advice would be try
the alternative treatment if it is not severe and you will no longer be
doing the repetitive strain.  Listen to your surgeons advice, especially
the chances for improvement or for worsening. The surgery wasn't really
that bad.  I have had a lot of dm related surgery that is much worse.

Although I could not get workmen's comp, I did get switched to a
'better' position and drove a pay loader rather than pure labor.

> I am wondering if anyone out there has had carpal tunnel, and has
subsequently needed surgery.  I began having symptoms a couple of months
out of nowhere, and tests recently conducted show that it is in the
moderately severe range.  After 19 years of diabetes and thinking I was
somewhat invincible, apparently I am not (not that I thought I would be
entire life).  It is apparent to me that the carpal tunnel is related to

diabetes.  Is it possible that it is not due to the diabetes and that a
conservative approach may work? Anyone tried that? Any feedback or
(to me directly) would be appreciated as I am in the very beginning
stages of
both disbelief and understanding. Thanks.

MS <

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
What worries you, masters you.
 - Haddon W. Robinson
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