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cold. I have seen ketones in Erica only once that I can remember since
diagnosis 8+ yrs ago. It was not long ago, when we were given regular
pop instead of diet at a fast food place (we figured that had to be the
culprit) things went nuts through the night. We always check her
through the night if the sugars are way out of sync based on the norm.
Should have had some of those keto-diastix urine glucose strips in her
monitor to check :) We kept bolusing her down, and she drank lots of
water and they were gone in a few hours. They were trace ketones but we
watched them VERY carefully. If I could not have flushed them in a few
hours we would have called the clinic.
So, anyway, I was wondering what tweaked you to check. I got the
impression that the cold was minor or basically out of his system, but
perhaps I misread the posting. I can't find the original to check.
Maybe we should be testing ketones with a low grade virus too.
Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Basically I only check for ketones when unusually thirsty or if I have a 
"blech" sort of feeling or stomach pains or diarrhea. Or if my wife says I 
have them. She smells them a mile away. It won't hurt to test for them. but 
realize if your kid is running a fever, feeling lousy and not eating she 
may have em anyway  from lack of CHO. Just don't get lulled into treating 
them if they arn't from Diabeastes. give 1 oz of water for every 10 pounds 
of body weight and then test again. If they are still there give a few oz 
of Gatoraid or Non Diet Coke and check again. Your kid is old enough and 
mature enough to know if this is her diabetes or just  no appitite. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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