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[IP] Decision to have children

My Mom and Dad had me later in their life, I have 2 older sisters.  I could
tell that my Mom felt guilty when I was dx'd with diabetes.  Funny thing is,
we now know it was on my Dad's side of the family.  I am the only Type I
though.  My Dad and one sister have both been dx'd in the last year as type 2.
I've been told by many people NOT to have kids, including my OB-GYN.  My whole
purpose (at first) in looking into the pump is so that I CAN have a child.
But now see that I can also have a normal life!

I am a very independent person and a lot of that is because of my diabetes.  I
am also very compassionate toward people with other types of challenges, but
tend to treat them as a normal person (as I want to be treated) and seem to
make a lot of friends that way!  I lost a life long friend because I had a BAD
hypoglycemic reaction right before we ate lunch one day.  She couldn't handle
it (and had KNOWN I was diabetic for years).  I wish people would look at the
person and not the disease.  I am a person who just happens to be a diabetic.
Not a diabetic who just happens to be a person!

Sorry to vent, but hope this helps.
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