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[IP] I'm on the Pretend Pump

Hi Everybody!

     I'm so excited! I got on the "pretend" pump yesterday. I say pretend
'cause I'm just pumping saline for practice purposes right now. I have the
advantage over some people in that I have no fear of needles (as long as I'm
controlling them) and no problem with being hooked to a "machine" 24/7. My
husband on the other hand will need some time to get used to this idea. He
understands what a great outcome will come from my use of the pump and he's
glad about that, but all that tubing,... I guess he wouldn't make a very good
diabetic, huh? Anyway, I'm so pleased with my new Animas pump. I'll start
thinking of a name for it once I get my new colored cover in the mail. I think
it'll be red. Maybe since the pump is black and I'll be adding red, I could
call it Ladybug!!! I'll just wait and see. But I just wanted to tell you all
thanks for all the encouragement during my LONG wait for this pump!! I can't
wait to be pumping REAL insulin!!

     Anyway, take care! And I'd love to chat with anyone anytime, so please
write!!! I am so isolated in this part of Delaware!!

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