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I was on dialysis for a few weeks before I had a kidney tx.  You will
sit in an easy chair for 4 hours while all of your blood is run through
a machine that will remove unnecessary fluids.  (but also some good
things, too)  The more fluid you have on you, the higher the machine is
turned up.  You will measure your urine output for 24 hrs and absolutely
cannot take in more fluids than you can eliminate  Your diet will be
pretty strict, too.

I knew I was having a kidney tx soon and did not want to screw up, so I
did everything I was told to do.  Mine was a living donor, but if you
are considering going on a recipient list, you need to be in good

I hated every minute of dialysis and hope to never have to do it again.
When the treatment is over, you feel tired and drained, and just about
the time you start to feel human, it is time for another treatment.  

Follow directions!  Feel free to email me if you have more questions.

Type 1 for 48 years - pumping for 1 week
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