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RE: [IP] Re:Disetronic D-Tron pump

Hi, I would describe the D-Tron as an upgrade if you are pumping with an
H-Tron and plan to consider switching to a D-Tron with the power of choice
program. I currently use the H-Tron pump and I like it very well. I am also
wearing and using the D-Tron as we speak. I have not decided what I will do
as far as "upgrading" or staying with the same H-Tron.
The D-Tron is so much bigger. It works very well, I can't believe how
quickly it delivers  a bolus. The features are truly great.
With all due respect I do consider it as an upgrade as it is a newer pump
with advanced features. It is certainly a step up in my opinion. The
drawbacks are there is no backup pump and it is bigger. My H-Tron has never
failed me and I feel as though the D-Tron would be no different.
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