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Re: [IP] movies

At 12:26 PM 12/11/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Has anyone experienced high bgs from watching an "intense" movie, i.e. horror,
>suspense, or action?  I watched The Matrix last night and ended up at 360.
>I've also experienced after other movies.  Anyone else?

Well, I don't know about scary movies, 'cause for the most part I can't 
watch them.  But the day before yesterday I spent an hour or so driving 
around--completely lost--in downtown Philadelphia (had to save money on the 
rental car and fill up the tank myself), more and more sure I would miss my 
redeye back to San Francisco.  I started out at 117 and ended up at 
330.  Not a morsel touched my lips but water.

Next time, Hertz is filling up the tank.

I think this kind of stress can really mess with your blood sugar 
levels.  The problem is, I never know whether it's going to send them high 
or low.  I've had both things happen.

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