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Re: [IP] my gusher stories...gross!!

At 12:20 AM 12/10/00 EST, you wrote:
>so anyway, y'all were discussing a topic near and dear to my heart...the 
>infamous gusher....I have only had two in almost 8 yrars of pumping..here
>the stories...if you are queasy stomached, you may want to skip
>THIS IS GROSS - you have been warned...

Howdy Sara! SP:
	I know I am a little late in reading my mail, but after I read yours, I
had a real good laugh!  Your descriptions are very amusing, even if it is a
rather GROSS subject.  I do have a slightly queasy stomach, but the way you
described these two events, and the wording that you used, really made it
alot easier to read.
	Seriously, I am glad to hear any and all experiences about bleeders.  I
had a very very minor one for the first time since pumping, and it kinda
startled me, but I just grabbed some tissue and pushed until it quit.  I
can be a little freaky when it happens and you don't expect it.  I just
watch when I pull out the old site and see if it bleeds.
	That one you had when you were sleeping must have been a real startler!
It is amazing how so little blood can make such a awful mess!  (BTW, did
you check your sugar when you woke up?.... Sounds like it was a perfect
opportunity with all the available "testing fluid".... (hehe)).
	Anyway... just had to share with you!   And thanks for sharing in such a
"fun" way, even though it probably wasn't funny at the time!
		Take care.... Bill McKibben  pumping since 4/2000
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